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Aropha Console

Your web-based platform with graphical user interface for managing everything from your team, to inventory, projects, and reports on Aropha

To improve the throughput of biodegradability test, one of our efforts is to provide an easy-to-use and web-based graphical user interface to allow our customers manage everything they need while working with Aropha. With Aropha Console, you can collaborate remotely with your team, manage billing, and all of your resources including inventory, projects, batches, tests, results, and final reports anytime and anywhere.

Access and manage Aropha resources right from your web browser.

An approachable user experience plus a detailed documentation let you quickly get the job done.

Comprehensive management across your account.

Aropha console: sample inventory and shipping

Add unlimited number of samples to your inventory with their information such as carbon content, nitrogen content, purity, theoretical oxygen demand, solubility, volatility, and storage temperature.

You can download your inventory to a csv, Excel, or PDF files, or simply copy it onto your clipboard. This can be helpful for your other samples, even if they are not to be tested at Aropha.

Tired of notifying us your new shipping? Not a problem. The shipping module allows you to add your newest shipping information including carrier, tracking number, and sample names. The lab will be well prepared to receive the package.

Launch multiple projects, design batches with select testing methods, and add samples based on your needs. Upon submission, our lab will receive notifications and will start your batch in within three business days.

Aropha console: projects, batches, and tests
Aropha console: results and reports

Tired of visualizing your data in static tables or figures? Having a hard time comparing different samples from the same batch or even from different batches? Aropha Console provides the data visualization tool that meets your needs.

Click on a column (a batch) on the left, the figure drills down to a list of samples in that batch, then click on an individual sample, the curve of this sample shows up on the right hand. You can add as many curves as you can to compare samples side by side.

Also, click on the PDF icon in the table to download the report for either a batch or a sample once the test is done.

Manage your organization profiles, colleague invitation, roles of team members, activities, and more.

Aropha console: team management and billing
Aropha console: results and reports

Get a clear idea of the balances that are due soon and overdue. Manage all your past and current invoices that are either paid, due soon, or overdue. View/download/pay these invoices using the associated links whenever and wherever you want (powered by Quickbooks for the top security of your payment information).

Aropha Resource Center

To learn more about different types of biodegradation tests, their applicability, biodegradation mechanisms, and many other information such as case studies, publications, and blogs, please check our Aropha Resource Center

Aropha resource center


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