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Robotics and AI advancing reliable and cost-effective biodegradation test and biodegradable chemical discovery

To turn the aerobic aquatic biodegradation test into an AI driven, high-throughput, on-demand, and automated process with the goal of substantially advancing biodegradable chemical product development. Our team brings together expertise in environmental engineering, water chemistry, biology, data science, automation, and software engineering to set new standards for the way biodegradability test is done.

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An overview of the work at Aropha Inc.

The automation and other novel technologies enhance the efficiency and reproducibility to provide cost-effective biodegradation test.

The Aropha Console allows you have full control from your team and billing, to inventory, projects, batches, testing results, and reports.

The Aropha Console helps you execute your projects whenever you want with guaranteed turnaround time (normally 1-2 weeks plus the unchangeable time) and quality.

Our Products

Our lab provides a series of experimental tests and machine learning prediction approaches for biodegradability evaluation. If we don't have what you need, work with our Aropha scientists to have your customized tests made available.

How It Works

Our Aropha Console lets you ship your samples, configure your experiments, monitor the testing process, and access your data and reports whenever and wherever you need to.

inventory, projects, batches, tests, results, and reports

After establishing a connection with our sales, you can log in to your account (or sign up if you have not done so). Inventory your samples that need to be tested on the dashboard and then send them to our lab. Once we have received them, you can create a new project. Inside the project please create a new batch of tests and add samples that you want to run in that batch. After that, submit the batch for testing if you are ready. You can find more information at the Aropha Documentation.

Experimental configuration (parameters)

There are a few parameters that you can select based on your experimental design, including the test method, dosages of the test substances, and the number of replicates. If you have other condition requirement, or need help on your experimental design (e.g., to understand the principles of the method, or the mechanisms of biodegradation), simply talk to our Aropha scientists through either email or the contact form.

Test monitoring and data access

During and after the testing, you can check the results of individual samples, or comparing samples in a batch or even across different batches on the Aropha Console. Our platform makes this process easier than ever. The test results will be updated once new data points are available. Reports can be easily downloaded for samples or batches.

Made Possible with
Automation and other Revolutionary Techniques

The automation and AI assisted processes are making the biodegradation test less labor intensive and more cost-effective. Our revolutionary techniques substantially improves the efficiency and reliability of the test results. Aropha Console lets you have full control of your tests whenever you want.

Aropha AI

We are thrilled to launch Aropha AI, where we apply machine learning to predict biodegradability of organic compounds. This is a huge jump from traditional standardized tests. Please check out Aropha AI
 official site and make a prediction!

Aropha AI, machine learning for biodegradability prediction

Aropha Resource Center

To learn more about different types of biodegradation tests, their applicability, biodegradation mechanisms, and many other information such as case studies, publications, and blogs, please check our Aropha Resource Center

Aropha resource center


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