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ArophaAI - Prediction via Artificial Intelligence

ArophaAI is a machine learning program developed for predicting aerobic biodegradability of organic materials. Powered by AI and deep learning, and based on high-quality data and robust models, the ArophaAI vastly outperforms human capabilities to evaluate large databases with ensured prediction accuracies and applicabilities.

Having chemicals with known structures? Looking at prioritization of a large number of chemicals? Skip the experiments and make predictions using the ArophaAI to evaluate their biodegradability instantly!

Aropha AI, machine learning for biodegradability prediction

Powered by AI and high-quality database, our robust models ensure your confidence with high prediction accuracies and wide application domains.

A perfect solution for prioritizing your chemicals with high cost effectiveness. Remove chemicals with low prediction results from your list and only experimentally test the ones that are already proved to be promising!

Perform predictions on your computer or smart devices anytime and anywhere you want as long as you have access to the internet. Get the results instantly!

Please check out the ArophaAI
 official site for more details!

Aropha Resource Center

To learn more about different types of biodegradation tests, their applicability, biodegradation mechanisms, and many other information such as case studies, publications, and blogs, please check our Aropha Resource Center

Aropha resource center


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