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About Aropha Inc.

Aropha was launched in 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio by our founder, a then PhD candidate at Case Western Reserve University. We are a fast-growing independent product test laboratory, a research institute, and a startup company pioneering the application of automation and AI to advancing the biodegradability testing and biodegradable material discovery.


The standardization of biodegradability test should not keep the tests away from the significant advances in robotic automation and artificial intelligence.

Being the architect of modern biodegradability test technology, Aropha is revolutionizing the contract lab industry with its automation platform, self-service system, and AI models, to increase the productivity and lower the operating costs in a reliable and cost-effective way.

At Aropha, our mission is to turn biodegradability test into a high-throughput, on-demand, and automated process with the goal of substantially advancing biodegradable chemical product development. Our team brings together expertise in environmental engineering, water chemistry, biology, automation, and software engineering to set new standards for the way biodegradability test is done.

Even though a series of standard methods have been established for biodegradability test, a number of issues and limitations are frequently encountered in the lab, including but not limited to:

  • Low repeatability and reliability
  • Low throughput
  • Labor intensive
  • High cost

In addition, current contract lab industry is not equipped to provide web-based platforms for its customers to fully control their sample inventory, projects, batches, data analysis, and reports. The email-based communications between the customers and the labs for project execution has been a big reason leading to the low productivity.

To solve above issues, robotic labs and online platform are key!



We are passionate about our customers and devoted to their success. We not only provide what we have at Aropha, but also develop new techniques and strategies to satisfy our customers' needs. We know that the customers' trust and confidence are not given, but earned, with every communication, every delivery, and every time we face up new challenges and solve them.


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